It’s a go.

Three doctors, three opinions — and unanimity: I’m going to proceed with radiation, combined with more hormone therapy, in yet another effort to manage my first cancer. I’m not kidding myself that this will “cure” me,  that this will be the silver bullet, that all will be jim-dandy after a go of radiation.

The likelihood is that we’ll only be putting out microscopic brushfires, and that, down the road, some further treatment will be needed. Fair enough. And the docs all agree — and I understand — that there’s no way of knowing for sure that my recalcitrant prostate cancer is in my pelvis and/or abdomen. But there’s a likelihood that at least some of it’s there, and that’s enough for me: To re-quote Lora, let’s kick its ass. (Just writing that makes me feel like I got a kick in.)

I’ve some travels and important life experiences on the calendar, like my 50th high school class reunion, but the docs say, OK. So under current planning, I’ll re-start hormone therapy in late July, be on it for the requisite minimum of two months, and begin radiation the end of  September or soon after. It feels good just to get this stuff on the calendar, like I’ve already pushed back once more.

Most important is doing everything I can. I’ve been aggressive in pushing back at cancer at each stage — an experimental drug before surgery; surgery; hormone therapy after surgery; and diet, exercise and nutrition from the get-go. Ever since my diagnosis, I’ve wielded every weapon extended to me.

And I’m not quitting now.

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Stage 4 prostate cancer

10 Responses to “It’s a go.”

  1. Bill– Sorry you are having to go through all of this, but I love your attitude and the fact that you are sharing your experience with others. That is so important on so many fronts.

    I have to admit, I also love your Never Give In t-shirt. Thanks for crediting PCF with it!

    I wish you much success with your treatment and much health to follow.

    • Thanks, Dan — we are brothers in this together. We have long futures ahead filled with hope — in no small part because of you and your colleagues at the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Much health to you, too — onward!

  2. Hey Bill! I heard this is where I sign up to give cancer a kick…


    Rooting for you!
    ~ ling

  3. Way to go. Attitude is everything! And yours is the best!
    I concur..Kick ass!

  4. Bill, my 4th grade teacher once told me:
    “Whatever you do, do with all your might. Things done by halves are never done right.”
    Yes, you must do everything you can and you have and are! That’s courage! Yay, Bill!

  5. Keep fighting the good fight! You’re an inspiration

  6. Bill,

    I think your “My First Cancer” site is a great way to keep those who care about you informed. Your medical intelligence has been gathered, battle lines drawn, and now it’s time to kick ass.

    Thanks for the goodies sent to the coastal swamp; I now think Knob Creek must be a tributary of the Juienton River behind our home!

    Jon & Kaye

  7. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed.

  8. I like your positive attitude and am sure it will go a long way to a good recovery.

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