Yo! Adrian!

Push-ups, Saguaro National Park, Tucson

I try to do all I’ve been told to do to counter my cancer, like eating a proper diet and paying attention to cancer-fighting nutrients. And pursuing rigorous, daily weight and cardio exercise, including a weekly session at the gym with Bryan, my personal trainer. Bryan’s a self-described, “certifiable ‘Rocky’ freak.” He saw the movie when he was in middle school, and, like Rocky Balboa, he’d go running through the streets in his standard-issue, old-fashioned, gray sweatsuit. You know, the kind before workout clothes became fashion statements. Rocky’s near-victory, despite the tremendous odds against him, still resonates powerfully with Bryan as a singular message about life and how to live it. And, thanks to him, that message has also become the mantra for my own fight against cancer:

“You can’t control the outcome, but you can control the effort you put into it.”

About Bill Curry

Stage 4 prostate cancer

3 Responses to “Yo! Adrian!”

  1. Bill:

    And all this time when we called the house and Rebecca said you were at the gym exercising I thought you were trying to get a head start on the rest of us to “spruce up” before we all head off to the 50th Reunion. Keep on keeping on.


  2. Empowering mantra. Inspiring setting…


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